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Digital Marketer in Bangladesh
"I want to be your career and business partner. Just get in touch with me and explore a friendly guy."
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Anis Fagun
Online Branding Professional & Trainer

About Me

I am Anis Fagun, an Online Brand Manager and Trainer. I provide a wide range of services including digital marketing and business communication. 

But I prefer to introduce myself as an Online Branding Professional and Content Marketer. 

What are you looking for online? Ways to boost your brand or new avenues to grow your career? 

I am here to help you with all that you need. Just say hello to me and I would love to talk to you about your business or career.

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Services I Offer

I provide online branding and marketing services to clients around the world. Take a look at my services.

Online Brand Management & PR

Boosting your brand online is crucial for growth. I offer branding services including online brand management, employer branding, personal branding, brand journalism, online public relations, and media planning.

Digital Marketing

I am sure you are using some digital channels for your business. You cannot avoid it by any means in this digital era. I offer result-oriented digital marketing services that help to grow your visibility and sales.

Marketing Consultancy

As a marketing enthusiast, I love to help people take the right decision and be on the right track.

Communication Consultancy by Anis Fagun

Let's Grow Your Business

Start growing your career with me today.

Get Quality Training and Start Shining

I provide training services on the following categories:

Corporate Training by Anis Fagun

Grow With My Corporate Training

I offer corporate training on a wide range of topics including productivity hacks, interpersonal communication, leadership, sales, etc. Check out my corporate training.

Hard Skills Training by Anis Fagun

Power Up With In-Demand Skills

I provide training on some selected in-demand topics like content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, personal branding, content writing, sales, business communication, etc.

Soft Skills Development with Anis Fagun

Master Essential Soft Skills

As you want to achieve more, you must learn soft skills. While hard skill is like your legs and hands, soft skill is like your blood and heart. This is the inner power that lets you move extra miles.

Hear From My Clients and Students

Hear some words from my clients and students.

Zakaria Mohammad, Digital Marketer
"Mr. Anis Fagun has been working with us as a Strategic Content Partner. He is a guy full of positivity and enthusiasm. We are very happy with his services."
Zakaria Mohammad
CEO, American Best IT Limited
"I love it"
(About a logo for one of their fund-raising project)
Woman posing with a sun glass
Representative, Sovereignty Abound African American Community
"I found Mr. Anis Fagun as a practical trainer and coach. After attending one of his training courses, I feel energized and powered. He has paved my way to moving forward."
Sabbir Ahmed
Entrepreneur, Sabbir IT

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