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I am a strategic digital marketer in Bangladesh and beyond. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Branding, etc. are my core strengths. Till date, I have worked with companies of various industries. The variety of industry experience has enabled me to have a clear understanding of how I can give you positive results.

Services I Offer as the Best Digital Marketer in Bangladesh

Online Branding

Online Branding is my signature service. From selecting a memorable name for your business to growing it into a successful brand, I stick with your audiences. Let me take your brand to the next level with my expertise.


I love result-oriented SEO projects. If you got a website and now want to rank on search engines with quality services, I am here to help you as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh Start getting outstanding SEO results with me and explore my simple techniques.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a smart marketing method that helps or delights your audiences and make profitable business thereby. I feel passionate about Content Marketing, be it on social media or website. Let’s achieve more with me.

Content Writing

I wrote my first poem when I was in class 5. It’s a wonder that I can make money by writing content, really! By the way, I wrote plethora of sentences for clients of different sectors including real estate, interior design, FMCG products, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Your target group is scrolling Facebook Newsfeed, or watching videos on YouTube. I enable you to engage with those audiences and sell your products to them. Let’s talk about how I can get you social media success.

Website Development

Yes! You need a website that generates results. I am here to help you with a compelling website. Let me be frank about my limitations. I am a post graduate of Communication & Journalism, not a technical graduate. But I still love making websites.

Let's Grow Your Business

Start growing your business in Dhaka, Bangladesh or anywhere else.

Digital Marketing Packages & Price in Bangladesh

Pick your package from below. I also offer custom plan tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you need a custom digital marketing services package, get in touch with me.




How I Work as a Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh


I Hear From You

I explore your business by hearing from you. It enables me to better understand your business as you know the insights about your business.


I Analyze

At this stage, I analyze the findings about your business. If needed, I perform some researches to learn even more about your business and audiences.


I Set Strategy & Plan

Now I prepare digital marketing strategy and plan. I reflect the goals and objectives of your business in the digital marketing strategy.


I Optimize Your Own Media

Your own media are very crucial for digital marketing success. So, I optimize them properly to reap optimum benefits out of them.


I Execute the Plan

Now I execute the digital marketing plan on the predefined channels. I execute fresh and unique ideas at this stage to meet your marketing objective.


I Measure Success

Every businessman does love results. And, I as your digital marketing partner, love to give you results. I offer a great blend of quality and quantity.

Why Choose Me as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing is My Passion

Digital marketing is my passion and profession. I feel excited to generate results out of digital marketing campaigns.

I Work With a Strategy

I prepare digital marketing strategy at before I start working on your projects. Thus I keep my focus on the right track.

A Blend of Tech & Branding

I am a good blend of technology and marketing communication knowledge. So, I will provide you with smart services.

I Know How to Use the Media

I know how to use digital media for hunting success for your business. I utilize my hard-earned experiences in this regard.

I Do Extensive Research

I perform extensive research to learn insights around your business. Thus I take proper decision to make my efforts result.

I Mean Results! You Love It, Right?

I always mean results that you love the most. Which is why you can rely on my services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Digital Marketer is a person who uses online media for achieving marketing goals. Learn more about a digital marketer.

Because, I don’t pay bucks for a large office. I work from home, park, coffee shop, beach, and everywhere.

You can make payments easily with Payoneer. 

As a Digital Marketer in Bangladesh, I offer result-oriented services anywhere in the world. Digital Marketing doesn’t have any boundary. So, let’s work together no matter wherever you are. 

Definitely! I offer custom digital marketing services based on your requirements.

Anis Fagun is the best Digital Marketing Strategist in Bangladesh. I offer strategic digital marketing services covering all major areas including SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, website, email marketing, digital branding, online advertising, local Ad networks, etc.

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